Extraterrestrial Applications

Solar UAV

The key concerns in such applications are weight, power density and reliability. In UAVs, current PV products including highly packaged flex have too low specific power (< 100W/kg) to satisfy the flight duration and payload demands in advanced vehicles. Sunlight® TFM products can offer lightweight, high efficiency, readily integrated solutions with targeted specific powers approaching 1000W/kg. TFM products can also be pre-tuned to deliver maximum power under the specific solar irradiation at operational altitudes. In addition to power systems, Sunlight is developing an advanced and revolutionary UAV for long endurance and duration applications.

Aerospace & Defense

Many applications in this area have special requirements, whether in performance, environmental robustness or platform integration. The flexibility and tenability of Sunlight® TFM products, plus ease of integration, provides an excellent toolbox to deliver demanding solutions.

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